Andela equipment and markets for recycled glass information:

Learn everything about recycling glass, from what to consider when starting an operation to turn glass back into sand, as well as creative and commercial uses for crushed glass, glass sand, or aggregate.

For tech specifications, layouts, and brochures.

Recycled Glass Markets

Glass Pulverizing - Glass to Sand

Get a general overview of various sized Andela Products' pulverizer systems and the glass sand or aggregate products they create.

See a visual representation and learn some additional details about glass processing with our products.

Low cost, high capacity and smoothness of the aggregate are some of the reasons customers choose Andela Products. Learn more about what makes up a system.

Want to start a glass re-purposing business?  Here is a to-do list: funding options, sources of glass, and potential markets. Learn more about how an Andela glass recycling system can serve your community.

Alternative Uses for Recycled Glass Processed to Construction Aggregate Specifications

Find out more about what you can use recycled glass for and who will buy it.

From sources of glass to our systems that process them, learn more about the benefits of an Andela product for your local community.

Find out how systems from Andela can serve the global recycling industry.

Glass Crushing - Glass to Cullet

Read about the equipment included with a glass beneficiation system.  Turn glass into furnace ready cullet.

The Andela Breaker may be the perfect option to reduce, destroy, empty, de-package, render unusable and unsaleable items in an efficient and cost effective manner.

Glass Clean-Up

See a more detailed, step by step description of how Andela's pulverizer systems process single stream glass.

Windshield Recycling

Learn about the many opportunities for laminated and plate glass recycling with Andela's systems.

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Systems & Equipment Specification Sheets:

See system specifications, layouts, and brochures for all of Andela Products’ glass recycling systems. Contact us if you have any questions you would like answered. You may also contact one of our global distributors.

Glass Pulverizer Systems:

GP-MiniSpecsLayoutSystem Packet
GP-MegaMiniSpecsLayoutSystem Packet
GP-05LSpecsLayoutSystem Packet
GPT-1HDSpecsLayoutSystem Packet
GP-1HDSpecsLayoutSystem Packet
GP-2HDSpecsLayoutSystem Packet

Glass Crusher Systems:

GR-8SpecsSystem Packet
AGC-1SpecsLayoutSystem Packet
AGB-06SpecsSystem Packet
AGB-1SpecsSystem Packet
AGB-2SpecsSystem Packet
AGB-3SpecsSystem Packet

CRT Systems:

CRT 20Coming Soon
CRT 40Coming Soon

Laminated Glass Recycling Systems:

AWS-2SpecsLayoutSystem Packet

Glass Clean Up Systems:

Paper Blower SystemComing Soon
Density Separation SystemComing Soon
Glass Clean Up UnitSpecsLayoutSystem Packet