Andela equipment and markets for recycled glass information:

Learn everything about recycling glass, from what to consider when starting an operation to turn glass back into sand, as well as creative and commercial uses for crushed glass, glass sand, or aggregate.

For tech specifications, layouts, and brochures.

Glass Sand and Aggregate Use Cases:


Loose Sand and Aggregate

Coastal Restorationxxxx
Glass Based Soilxxx
Play Sandxxx
Pipe Beddingxxxx

Bound Products

Glass & Plastic Paversxx
Formed Polymer Concretexxx

Value Added

Abrasive Blasting Productsxx

Systems & Equipment Specification Sheets:

See system specifications, layouts, and brochures for all of Andela Products’ glass recycling systems. Contact us if you have any questions you would like answered. You may also contact one of our global distributors.

Glass Pulverizer Systems:

GP-MiniSystem Specifications
GP-MegaMiniSystem Specifications
GP-05LSystem Specifications
GPT-1HDSystem Specifications
GP-1HDSystem Specifications
GP-2HDSystem Specifications

Glass Crusher Systems:

AGB-06SpecsSystem Packet
AGB-1SpecsSystem Packet
AGB-2System Specifications
AGB-3SpecsSystem Packet

CRT Systems:

CRT 20Coming Soon
CRT 40Coming Soon

Laminated Glass Recycling Systems:

AWS-2SpecsLayoutSystem Packet

Glass Clean Up Systems:

Paper Blower SystemComing Soon
Density Separation SystemComing Soon
Glass Clean Up UnitSpecsLayoutSystem Packet