Global Glass Recycling Systems

Glass can be recycled over and over, each time retaining its unique properties. Therefore, glass recycling is extremely beneficial to the environment. It’s no wonder that more industries are looking for ways to make glass recycling part of their initiatives to reduce their carbon footprint. Recognizing the need for reliable glass recycling equipment and systems suitable for many applications, Andela Products has emerged as one of today’s global leaders in glass recycling equipment. Our extensive line of glass recycling equipment offers a turnkey solution for many industries.

Whether your operation needs specialized equipment capable of turning mixed broken glass into cullet (domestic glass), or you need to break down automotive glass windshields into recyclable products, we’ve got you covered. Please explore our many glass recycling equipment options listed below. We can help customize a successful glass recycling program for you, using the Andela Glass Pulverizer and our other durable equipment! 

Stay ahead of the recycling curve with Andela Products

Are you looking for ways to recycle bottles, waste glass, Material Recovery Facility (MRF) glass, windshields or other waste products, like scrap gypsum board? We provide the solution to avoid landfill or disposal fees. Andela Products provides global glass recycling systems to process these mixed and hard to recycle materials. All of our glass recycling systems are built to be hassle-free with minimal maintenance and training required for their safe and simple operation.

Every glass recycling system is manufactured in the USA at our Richfield Springs, NY headquarters. Each machine is purposefully designed and constructed to offer superior durability and cost-effectiveness. Systems are integrated to fit into your new or existing operations and facilities, depending upon your specific needs. Stay ahead of the glass recycling curve with Andela Products by contacting us today for a customized system estimate!

Not sure what you're looking for? Please use our application chart to find the right system for your business needs.

Glass Pulverizers

Our patented Andela Glass Pulverizer Systems repurpose glass waste into sand and gravel sized engineered aggregates with smooth, rounded edges. Andela pulverizing technology selectively reduces the glass into a valuable aggregate, while leaving the other materials (metal, plastics, and most paper) in their larger forms. The crushed glass and residue go into the trommel screen to separate the glass by size and remove the larger paper, plastics and metals in a separate discharge. Pulverizing the glass removes the sharp edges and you’re left with aggregates that are safe and easy to handle. The aggregate’s so smooth it can even be used in a sandbox!

Glass Crushers

We also offer a line of glass crushers, stand alone or integrated as a system. The crusher is designed to reduce all kinds of glass into cullet. The glass crusher can also process liquid filled containers for product destruction, dewatering, and glass recovery. The systems are sized for a processing capacity of 5 to 30 tons/hour.

The crusher can be adjusted to produce a course cullet that is 2″ minus or a finer cullet size of 3/4″ minus.

Laminated Glass Recycling

We at Andela products are committed to keeping all glass out of the landfill, including hard to recycle laminated glass. The Windshield stripper removes the glass from the PVB. This produces a furnace ready cullet and ready to be sold PVB.

Glass Clean Up Systems

We offer a variety of glass clean up systems custom designed for your specific application.

CRT Systems

CRT recycling has always been a challenge, we have solutions to help.

  Pulverizer SystemCrusher SystemWindshield SystemCRT Recycling SystemSingle Stream RecyclingCleanGlass Cleanup System
Type of Glass ProcessedWindshieldsX
Other for Product DestructionX
6" MinusX
2" MinusX
Sized Aggregate Produced3/4" MinusX
3/8" MinusXXXX
1/4" MinusXXXX
MarketGlass Products / Furnace Ready CulletX
Composite ProductsXXXXX
System Spec Sheets