GP-Mini Glass Pulverzier


  • This small pulverizer system has the same patented flexible impactor technology as our larger Andela Pulverizer Systems, with our time proven design for making quality glass cullet or aggregate with separation of caps and paper. 
  • The pulverized glass will be 3/8″ (10mm) and smaller with rounded edges. Glass bottles, up to 8″ in diameter, are placed by hand on the infeed conveyor and carried into the pulverizer. 
  • The pulverized glass goes directly into the screen to remove the residue (caps, corks and labels). The glass drops into a bin mounted on casters for easy removal from underneath the unit. 
  • The residue is separated and deposited into its own, smaller bin under the unit. A dust removal port is provided for a small dust collector that can be attached to alleviate any nuisance dust produced by the process.
  • The footprint of the unit is approximately 48″ Wide, 57″ Long and 71″ Tall. The shipping weight is approximately 2,000 pounds.
  • This unit comes pre-wired with the integrated control panel.

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