AWS-2 Windshield Stripper


Simple to operate and maintain

Reduce scrap windshields into two different recyclable products

Frees glass from PVB laminate and reduces glass size

Process a windshield every 10 to 15 seconds

2 to 3 Tons/hour

Heavy duty construction

The Andela Windshield Stripper will process approximately 4 tons per hour. This unit breaks down laminated glass and automobile windshields into two recyclable products: a clean, homogeneous pulverized glass product, and plastic laminate pieces. The Andela Windshield Stripper is unique in its ability to remove virtually all of the glass from the plastic laminate material, and provides a simple, low cost solution to windshield recycling. Pair this unit with a trommel and/or a glass pulverizer to have a full processing windshield recycling system.

  • The Andela Windshield Stripper is simple to operate and maintain. A great machine for separating glass from laminate while reducing the glass into an aggregate.
  • Small footprint, heavy duty construction, easy to maintain all while being durable and efficient.
  • The Windshield Stripper can also be purchased as a single unit.

See it in action

Not sure what you're looking for? Please use our application chart to find the right system for your business needs.

Machine Specifications


Throughput/Capacity per Hour: 1-5 Tons/Hr


Overall Length: 92”
Overall Width: 74”
Overall Height: Adjustable
Input Opening (Windshield widths): up to 47”
Shipping Weight: Approx. 4500 Lbs.

Drive Componentry

Motor Size: (1) 20 hp
Solid Steel Shaft Diameter: 3”
Number of Hammers: 28
Hammer Type: Flailing Arm/Hardened Steel
Compression Feed Rollers: (2) 11” Diameter
Feed Drive Motors: (2) 1-1/2 HP

Safety Features

Protective Guards: Cover Input Drive Unit and Bearings


Motor Voltage: 230/460 VAC,60 HZ, 3 Phase (Or to customer specifications)
Controls: Push Button Start/Stop

All Andela System’s have a stated capacity based upon the metered input of post consumer windshields. The flexibility of these systems lends their use in a wide variety of applications with various input material, loading methods, and levels of contamination. In these instances the stated capacities are for reference only and the ultimate selection of equipment based on capacity is the sole responsibility of the end user. We will supply free uncertified testing of any material to a qualified customer based upon round trip freight of the sample material to our facilities paid by others.

The manufacturer reserves the right to change designs and specifications without notice.