GPT-1HD Glass Pulverizer

The Andela GPT-1HD Glass Pulverizer system recycles waste glass at a rate of 3-5 tons/hour into reusable sand and gravel sized aggregates, separated from trash.

With percision loading into the Andela Surge Hopper, glass and waste travels up the Andela Conveyor into the Andela  GPT-1HD pulverizer and then to the Andela rotary trommel without any pre-sorting required. Oversized non-glass contaminants such as paper labels, metal caps, corks, etc. remain intact for hands free removal during screening. Placed either over bunkers or on legs, the end result is the same – your sand and gravel are separated and safe to handle.

The GPT-1HD System can also be purchased as a single unit.

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The system packet linked above is simply provided for informational use only. Each system comes standard or can be designed specifically to meet your needs. Contact us at 315-858-0055 for more information.

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five stars

"Easy to use and reliable"

“Our Andela Pulverizer is still going strong after all these years, that thing works great! It’s easy to use and reliable. We’re building a new facility and you can bet this is one machine that is going with us!”

- Douglas Huff, Dare County NC Public Works, Solid Waste Superintendent

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