AGC-1 Glass Crusher


Quiet Operation

Flexible Impactors are simple to operate & maintain

Easy Installation

Reasonably priced

Heavy duty construction

Single frame construction

Accepts all types of glass

The Andela Glass Crusher Model AGC-1 provides a complete conveying and glass crushing system. The rugged abrasion resistant steel crushing chamber provides a long lasting, durable unit and the patented flexible impactors provide quiet crushing action. The Andela design also provides the flexibility to pass non-glass material without bridging or plugging of the system.

The Andela Glass Crusher is a simple, rugged design that is built to last.

Durable Design

The Andela Glass Crusher offers a number of features for ease of operation and maintenance. To operate, simply load the glass containers into the in-feed hopper and the conveyor automatically feeds the crusher. The shaft mounted rotating flexible steel impactors provide a quiet crushing of the glass into a uniform cullet size acceptable to the recycling industry. The flexible impactors also allow non-glass items like plastic bottles, or pieces of paper or cardboard to pass without any problem to the unit or flow of product. The self-cleaning tail-pulley and enclosed conveyor belt make the system a customer friendly and low maintenance system.

High Productivity

The Andela Glass Crusher can process up to 6,000 pounds per hour. This will allow you to make a uniform product and maximize shipping weights while being economical to operate.

  • Process up to 3 tons per hour
  • Glass crusher paired with a conveyor for ease of feeding glass into the crusher.
  • Broken glass cullet is then dropped into a bin or Gaylord under the discharge chute.
  • The AGC-1 is portable, allowing you to set up in multiple areas with one unit.
  • Abrasion resistant materials installed on high wear surfaces.


See it in action

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Machine Specifications


Overall Length: 118”
Overall Width: 55”
Overall Height: 109”
Loading Height: 45”
Hopper Capacity: 3/4 yd.
Appx. Shipping Weight: 2300 lbs.


NEMA-4 (outdoor) enclosure
Individual motor overload/short circuit protection
Motor Voltage: 208-230/460VAC, 60 HZ, 3 Phase (or to customer specifications)


Crusher Motor Size: 3 hp
Conveyor Motor Size: 1.5 hp
Number of Hammers: 12

The manufacturer reserves the right to change designs and specifications without notice.

Safety and Maintenance Features

E-Stop: Emergency Stop Button
Start switches: Manual with thermal overload protection
Accessible grease fittings
Access door for maintenance

Why Choose Andela Products

  • A global company with sales throughout the United States, Canada, Japan, Spain, France, and more
  • Custom-built machines to your organization's specific needs
  • Durable and built to last longer than competitor machines
  • Built-in safety features to ensure proper machine use
five stars

"Love the simplicity and robustness"

The Andela machine works without fail, every day. Love the simplicity and robustness of it. The resulting sand can be used in construction or in landscaping. Indeed, do not turn glass into trash, turn it into a usable (and valuable) product.

- Jean Vezina, CEO - Caltech Group

We offer a complete line of glass recycling systems.

Andela Products produces a growing line of rugged, versatile machines to serve special needs that are sold worldwide. Each product is thoughtfully designed and engineered to provide a high capacity to cost ratio and superior durability. Simple to operate with minimal operator intervention, these systems reduce training and supervision requirements which contribute to lower overhead costs. Contact us for more information on any of the products listed below.

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