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Our process:

Glass Crusher System

An Andela Glass Crusher system consists of a surge hopper, crusher, trommel, and conveyors.

Glass Clean-up unit

The Andela Glass Clean-up Unit is designed to separate glass cullet from paper and other residue using our proprietary equipment/process. Our Glass Clean-up unit features easy access panels and hand adjustments to achieve the desire output.  Cullet and Residue can discharge into tip-bins, conveyors or bunkers and can be integrated into your currently existing system.

Glass Pulverizer

The Andela Glass Pulverizer Systems turn small to large volumes of waste glass into “sand” and “gravel” with no sharp edges. Feed in mixed, broken, unsorted glass, and take out round-edged aggregate. The patented Andela flexible impactors will selectively reduce the glass into 3/8″ aggregate but leave metal, plastics, and most paper in a larger form. Metal, plastic, and most paper is removed without hand sorting. Capacities are available from a small, hand fed model, up to 20 tons per hour.

Glass Clean-Up System

Single Stream glass is not a problem for the Andela Pulverizer System to mechanically separate waste MRF glass into aggregate sized glass, ferrous metals, and mixed plastics/paper. The glass clean up system consists of a surge hopper, pulverizer, trommel with a paper blower and conveyors. Each system is designed to the customers’ needs and specifications.

Single Stream Glass Pulverizer System

Single Stream glass is not a problem for the Andela Pulverizer System to mechanically separate waste MRF glass into aggregate sized glass, ferrous metals, and a mixed plastics/paper.


The Andela Windshield Stripper will process approximately 4 tons per hour. This unit breaks down laminated glass and automobile windshields into two recyclable products: a clean, homogeneous pulverized glass product, and plastic laminate pieces.

Glass Recycling

A Circular Solution by Cynthia Andela


A low maintenance, long lasting, modern alternative to yearly mulching.

Green Magic

Andela Glass Sand as a Soil Amendment for Thriving Plants

Community Glass Recycling

Does your community want to recycle glass?

Sand and aggregate replacement

Made from 100% recycled glass.


Crushed glass is an excellent product to use in landscaping!

glass safe sand beach

Free of sharp edges, Andela's sand is clean and safe for children to enjoy.

Glass Half Full

Coarse and angular sand is being used up at 2x the rate it can be naturally created. Glass Half Full is taking action to recycle glass into sand using Andela system’s. 


Caltech creates glass and plastic pavers using Andela systems to crush glass and plastic. 

Dare County

Keeping Dare County clean by keeping glass and plastic out of landfills. 2289 tons of non-hazardous home and business recyclables per year 

Rescue 911

The 40+ wineries in Lake Chelan bring in excessive glass waste. The rotary club has purchased an Andela system to address this problem. 

kern county

Recycling Lives helps train those in need. Bringing the community together with the common goal of diverting waste from landfills.

Blount County

Bringing a glass drop-off center to the Blout County area to make recycling easy.

cayman islands

Restoring Cayman Islands coastline by recycling, crushing, bagging and planting glass sand in areas that have been flooded.

McCallen Public Works

Glass makes up 20-35% of a municipal waste steam. McAllen is expected to divert 6,000 tons of glass waste annually from landfills.

Momentum Recycling

Learn how insulation is made using crushed and melted glass.

City of Albuquerque

Achieving minimal landfill waste and maximum reuse of materials using an Andela machine to process 10 tons of glass and plastic per hour.

City of Winchester, VA

In the city of Winchester, VA, glass is crushed using an Andela machine to create smooth, safe-to-touch aggregate.


Andela's easy-to-use and effective glass pulverizing machine in progress.

Union County

Watch the GPT-1HD machine process 3-5 tons of glass per hour.

Waste Initiatives

See our machines in action! Sorting, processing, and crushing glass aggregate.


Processes 3-5 Tons Per Hour