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Green Magic

Andela Glass Sand as a Soil Amendment for Thriving Plants


Processes 3-5 Tons Per Hour

Glass Recycling

A Circular Solution by Cynthia Andela


Crushed glass is an excellent product to use in landscaping!

Community Glass Recycling

Does your community want to recycle glass?

Our process:

Glass Crusher System

An Andela Glass Crusher system consists of a surge hopper, crusher, trommel, and conveyors.

Glass Clean-up unit

The Andela Glass Clean-up Unit is designed to separate glass cullet from paper and other residue using our proprietary equipment/process. Our Glass Clean-up unit features easy access panels and hand adjustments to achieve the desire output.  Cullet and Residue can discharge into tip-bins, conveyors or bunkers and can be integrated into your currently existing system.

Glass Pulverizer

The Andela Glass Pulverizer Systems turn small to large volumes of waste glass into “sand” and “gravel” with no sharp edges. Feed in mixed, broken, unsorted glass, and take out round-edged aggregate. The patented Andela flexible impactors will selectively reduce the glass into 3/8″ aggregate but leave metal, plastics, and most paper in a larger form. Metal, plastic, and most paper is removed without hand sorting. Capacities are available from a small, hand fed model, up to 20 tons per hour.

Glass Clean-Up System

Single Stream glass is not a problem for the Andela Pulverizer System to mechanically separate waste MRF glass into aggregate sized glass, ferrous metals, and mixed plastics/paper. The glass clean up system consists of a surge hopper, pulverizer, trommel with a paper blower and conveyors. Each system is designed to the customers’ needs and specifications.

Single Stream Glass Pulverizer System

Single Stream glass is not a problem for the Andela Pulverizer System to mechanically separate waste MRF glass into aggregate sized glass, ferrous metals, and a mixed plastics/paper.


The Andela Windshield Stripper will process approximately 4 tons per hour. This unit breaks down laminated glass and automobile windshields into two recyclable products: a clean, homogeneous pulverized glass product, and plastic laminate pieces.

Glass markets:

Andela sunstone landscaping

A low maintenance, long lasting, modern alternative to yearly mulching.

Glassroots 15B REV

Recycled glass is perfect for landscaping mulch, driveways, walkways, and art projects.

sunstone recycled

Made from 100% recycled glass.

glass safe sand beach

Free of sharp edges, Andela's sand is clean and safe for children to enjoy.

Over the years:

the greenstar project

Helping the local community find solutions for their glass by turning mixed glass into beautiful sand and gravel material.

Glass recycling

Glass recycling saves energy and natural resources. Andela systems pulverize up to 20 tons of glass per hour, sorting by color and screening out the impurities.

sunstone products

Central New York's fastest growing product. Sunstone sand is cleaner, safer and long-lasting than traditional sand.

soil and water conservation

A powerful tool for soil and water conservation that saves money and helps the environment