The Andela Trommel is a rotary screen with heavy duty stainless steel woven wire mesh screens. Depending on your application there is an option of up to 3 different screen and aggregate sizes. The trommel features a flexibly mounted direct drive motor to isolate the drive from exposure to abrasive materials. Rotating brushes are equipped for continuous screen cleaning. A central lubrication manifold makes routine maintenance a breeze. The trommel screens are enclosed for dust containment and protection from the weather. Maintenance doors provide easy access to screens and brushes.

Trommel Screens for Any Application

The sizes listed below are our standard trommel screen sizes included with Andela Trommels. Other sizes are available upon request, including small trommel screens for a variety of applications. Our heavy duty trommel screens are commonly used for: recycling, waste, glass, compost, plastics, rubber, sand, gravel, rock, aggregate, mixed material, and more.

inside of trommel screen
  • 30” OD x 3’ long with 1/8” screen opening
  • 30” OD x 3’ long with 3/8” screen opening
  • 30” OD x 3’ long with No. 3 mesh
  • 30” OD x 4’ long with 1/8” screen opening
  • 30” OD x 4’ long with 3/8” screen opening
  • 30” OD x 4’ long with No. 2 mesh
  • 48” OD x 5’ long with 7/16” screen opening
  • 48” OD x 5’ long with 3/16” screen opening

For custom size trommel screens, please contact us.

Categories of Separation

  • 1/8” minus – glass sand (or to specification)
  • 1/8” - 3/8” – glass sand / gravel (or to specification)
  • 3/8” plus – trash
  • 3/16” minus – glass sand (or to specification)
  • 3/16 - 7/16” – glass gravel / aggregate (or to specification)
  • 7/16” plus – overs / residue
  • No. 3 mesh minus – 30” dia. x 6 ft. long (or to specification)
  • No. 3 to No. 2 mesh – 30” dia. x 4 ft. long (or to specification)
  • No. 2 mesh plus – overs

Complete Trommel Machines: All-in-One Aggregate Separation Solutions

The Andela Trommel Screen Separator is designed to separate and size aggregate using woven wire mesh or perforated plate. Our trommels feature direct drive systems flexibly mounted with totally enclosed gear reducers for long lasting performance.

  • Simple to operate and maintain
  • Easy Installation
  • Reasonably priced
  • Durable
  • Totally enclosed with easy access doors
  • Single frame construction

We offer a complete line of glass recycling systems.

Andela Products produces a growing line of rugged, versatile machines to serve special needs that are sold worldwide. Each product is thoughtfully designed and engineered to provide a high capacity to cost ratio and superior durability. Simple to operate with minimal operator intervention, these systems reduce training and supervision requirements which contribute to lower overhead costs. Contact us for more information on any of the products listed below.