Glass Pulverizer Systems

The Andela Glass Pulverizer Systems turn any volume of waste glass into sand and gravel sized product that's safe to handle with no sharp edges. Feed in mixed, broken, unsorted glass, and the machine produces round-edged aggregate. The patented Andela flexible impactors will selectively reduce the glass into 3/8″ aggregate but leave metal, plastics, and most paper in a larger form. Metal, plastic, and most paper is removed without hand sorting. Capacities are available from a small, hand fed model, up to 20 tons per hour.

Output Sized Glass

Our glass recycling systems also produce a distinctly different product: A rounded glass particle, 3/8″ in size or finer. If material other than glass (plastic, metal caps, or covers) goes through the pulverizer , these materials will keep their larger form and thus be easily separated from the glass-sand with the trommel separator. Depending on the model, one, two, or three screen sizes can be used with the trommel to produce a variety of aggregate sizes.


Each glass recycling system usually consists of a metering surge hopper, glass pulverizer, conveyors, and a trommel separator. Each system is designed to the customers’ needs and specifications. Central to the system is the patented pulverizer. It uses a flexible impact system that crushes glass into usable aggregate the consistency of fine sand to gravel. The flexible impact system eliminates the grinding process typical of other machines, which reduces wear and maintenance and produces a distinctly different aggregate which is safe and easy to handle.

Not sure what you're looking for? Please use our application chart to find the right system for your business needs.


Have only a small amount of glass ? The hand-fed GP-Mini is perfect for small operations looking to get involved in glass recycling and turning glass into sand!


The GP-MegaMini can process 1500-2000 pounds per/hour. This machine is engineered to accept full cases, bins, or buckets of glass at a time.


The GP-05L system recycles waste glass at a rate of 1-2 tons/hour. This model is perfect for small municipalities and recycling centers. One of our most popular!


Have even more glass to crush and repurpose? The GPT-1HD system can process 3-5 tons/hour. This mid-sized powerhouse may be right for you!


Andela's GP-1HD Pulverizer System is capable of crushing glass at a speed of up to 10 tons of waste glass per hour.


Have a serious volume of glass? Our biggest pulverizer system is the GP-2HD, it crushes glass at up to 20 tons per hour!

Not looking for a complete system? We also offer individual system components.