Goodwill Delaware Celebrates New Glass Pulverizer!

Celebrating a significant step in their sustainability journey, Goodwill Outlet & Recycling Center Delaware unveiled a new Andela Products GP-MegaMini waste glass-to-sand pulverizer machine!

With a generous grant from the Truist Charitable Fund, Goodwill Outlet & Recycling Center Delaware and their sustainability partners at Goodwill of Greater Washington and Goodwill Industries of the Chesapeake look forward to furthering their green initiatives and upskilling their retail workforce.

Between the three stores, they plan on training more than 1,500 individuals in new skills, a testament to Goodwill’s belief in the potential of every person to contribute positively to society.

This initiative represents a significant accomplishment in their commitment to environmental stewardship and economic development. To address their stores’ excess glass waste, the Andela pulverizer allows Goodwill to divert waste glass from area landfills, transforming it into useful glass sand and aggregate for various local projects!

Goodwill Delaware Innovations in Sustainability

Why turn waste glass into sand and aggregate?

The main reason is to divert it from local landfills and, in turn, create useful products. And, according to a 2022 United Nations report, sand is the second most-consumed resource on Earth, second only to water. Despite a sand shortage, demand for sand used in construction and manufacturing industries is set to increase 45% over the next 40 years.

Goodwill chose our GP-MegaMini glass pulverizer for its compact size and robust performance.

  • Processes 1500-2000 pounds of glass per hour
  • Reduces all types of glass down to rounded glass particles 3/8 of an inch or smaller with no sharp edges
  • Takes all types of glass, no precleaning required
  • Produces both glass sand and glass aggregate
  • Separates out the residue (caps, labels, and corks)

Andela’s GP-MegaMini is simple to operate and maintain, reasonably priced, industrial in strength and design, combining big features with a small footprint.


Goodwill Delaware photos of the celebration!

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