Density Separation System

Need to separate glass cullet from paper shred and residue that comes out of a Single Stream Recycling Facility? Andela Products offers a simple, low power solution. Mixed broken glass mixed with trash feeds into the unit and glass cullet is discharged onto a conveyor or into a bunker. It's separated from the paper, plastics and other residue. Integrate our Density Separation System into your existing Material Recovery Facility (MRF). Don't landfill the glass —  remove residue so it can be recycled back into bottles or pulverized glass sand!

  • Are you having issues with your Glass Markets because of the contaminants in the single stream glass you’re producing?
  • Is it full of shredded paper or too wet and you’re struggling to find a solution that isn’t a huge investment and doesn’t require major modifications to your existing system?

Andela Products has a solution!

  • Andela Products has added an efficient and economical Glass Clean-Up Unit to our already superior line of Glass Recycling Equipment and Technology to help solve this issue.
  • It can integrate into your existing system or with additional equipment as necessary to reach your quality goals.

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The system packet linked above is simply provided for informational use only. Each system comes standard or can be designed specifically to meet your needs. Contact us at 315-858-0055 for more information.

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