Glass Clean Up Systems

Single Stream glass is not a problem for the Andela Pulverizer System to mechanically separate waste MRF glass into aggregate sized glass, ferrous metals, and a mixed plastics/paper.

Output Sized Glass

The Andela Pulverizer selectively reduces the glass into sand and gravel sized aggregate. The first section of the trommel has a fine screen (3/16″) to remove the fine pulverized glass sand. The second section has a larger screen (7/16″) to remove the gravel sized glass.

The paper removal system on the second screen uses a blower to remove the paper shred that may be mixed with the glass as it falls out of the trommel screen. The glass gravel may fall into a bunker or be transferred by conveyor back into the pulverizer for re-grind into finer sand.


The glass clean up system consists of a surge hopper, pulverizer, trommel with a paper blower and conveyors. Each system is designed to the customers’ needs and specifications.

Not sure what you're looking for? Please use our application chart to find the right system for your business needs.

Paper Blower System

Engineered to remove paper fluff and bottle labels this air knife style separation is a great addition to any glass recycling system.

Density Separation System

This type of glass clean up system separates lights from heavies. Less dense material such as paper, crushed pieces of plastic, pieces of wire and other "pointy" contaminants head to the trash chute. Clean ready to use glass discharges on the opposite side.

Glass Clean Up Unit

The Andela Glass Clean-up Unit is designed to separate glass cullet from paper and other residue using our proprietary equipment/process. our Glass Clean-up unit features easy access panels and hand adjustments to achieve the desire output.  Cullet and Residue can discharged into tip-bins, conveyors or bunkers and can be integrated into your currently existing system.