Crushed Glass Landscaping

Glass Sand for Landscaping

Crushed glass for Landscaping

Crushed and pulverized recycled glass is an excellent product to use in landscaping and it is great for the planet!

Andela pulverized recycled glass sand or aggregate is a clean and user-friendly mulch with no jagged or sharp edges. Made from recycled glass products, such as old windows and glass bottles, this mulch is an excellent way to divert glass waste from landfills.

Earth Friendly!

A comparative life cycle assessment completed in 2019 showed that recycled glass sand may reduce greenhouse emissions by 67% compared to virgin sand. (1)

Crushed glass is an excellent mulch for pathways, fire pits, and around plants. Rock gardens with plants that thrive in rocky and/or sandy soil will flourish with glass mulch. (2)

Note: To prevent the mulch from moving into the soil, place landscape cloth or black plastic underneath the glass.

Crushed/pulverized recycled glass sand mixed with soil will boost your plant’s growth!

Yes, you can use pulverized recycled glass sand with compost or soil to grow things!

Tell me more!

  • A 2019 greenhouse trial showed that glass-based soils supported plant growth as well as a control using a mined sand mix.
  • The addition of glass sand to mulches or soils improves both mechanical properties and chemical or nutritional properties. (3)
  • Glass sand is easy to compact and mix with other materials. It works for drainage layers and backfills. Plus, the filtration rate for glass sand or aggregate is up to ten times faster than for natural aggregates. (3)

Glass vs Natural Sand
Glass sand supplies better:

  • Filtration rate
  • Water retention
  • Heat retention
  • Angular-shaped inert particles that will not break down
  • Root/plant growth
  • Nutrition

More about plant nutrition!

Plants need silicic acid to grow, and glass sand makes silicic acid more available and at an accelerated rate.

How do plants use silicic acid?

Silicic acid is a plant-available form of silicon. Silicic acid is absorbed by plants to strengthen their cell walls, boost natural defense, aid in growth, and protect against pests and stress. (4)

Where can we learn more about glass landscaping?

You can find more articles about crushed glass and glass landscaping on our blog, and be sure to check out our photo gallery to see how others are using glass sand in their own projects!

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(1) Using tumbled glass mulch keeps glass out of the landfills
(2) The mulch works well with plants that tolerate rocky, sandy soil
(3) The filtration rate for glass and aggregate is up to ten times faster than natural aggregates
(4) Silicic Acid strengthens cell walls and increases crop’s natural defense mechanisms