Circular Soil and Northwest Resiliency Park

Andela Products is pleased to have clean glass sand (created by our glass pulverizer system) utilized by the creators of the Northwest Resiliency Park in Hoboken, NJ. The park was designed by our associates at OLIN.

“OLIN’s Circular Soil project aims to design and disseminate a sustainable process for turning urban waste into high-performing infrastructure while creating green jobs and supporting a circular economy.” – OLIN

Northwest Resiliency Park Design

Credit: OLIN


A Multipurpose Public Park

OLIN’s park design addresses Hoboken’s need for a green infrastructure plan and underground detention system, while also providing the community with active and passive recreational space. The site will store millions of gallons of storm water and reduce flash flooding. Resiliency Park will be the city’s largest park. At the park’s highest point, a pavillion will provide panoramic views of the neighborhood and Palisades Park beyond.

The clean glass sand used in this project will be mixed with mulch, creating a better soil structure that doesn’t break down over time, has better filtration rates, moisture retention, and available silica for plantings. The landscape will develop the resilient roots needed to maintain health in wet, dry, and extreme conditions.


Northwest Resiliency Park Master Plan

Credit: OLIN

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