4 Reasons Why Andela Glass Sand Is Superior To Mined Or Dredged Sand

Glass sand collage


  1. Higher filtration rate!

    • Use our glass sand for applications where well-drained sand is most beneficial such as landscaping, rain gardens, pool-water filtration, etc.
  2. Long lasting!

    • Glass sand doesn’t break down over time because water does not go through the particles but goes around the particles, making glass sand particles impermeable and able to hold their original shape.
    • Natural sand is more like a sponge, water will leach minerals out over time until the particles collapse.
  3. Hydroscopic!

    • Glass sand particles attract and hold water on their surfaces, making that water available to the plant over time.
    • Great for use as a mulch in landscaping and mixed with wood mulch, stones, and other aggregates.
  4. Non-toxic!

    • Because it is amorphous silica which is silicon dioxide in liquid form, it is free of the crystalline silica dust that is harmful to the lungs. This makes it the very best media to be used in abrasive blasting and construction.


Andela glass sand

Our machines produce the gradation or sizing of standard C-33 sand, also known as concrete or mason sand.

Glass sand produced by Andela Pulverizers has no sharp edges, produces no toxic dust, and easily replaces environmentally damaging mined or dredged sand.

We call the product “glass sand” but you could also call it manufactured sand, amorphous silica sand, or create your own branded name that distinguishes it from locally mined or dredged sand.


Click here to learn more about the environmental benefits of glass sand. Also be sure to browse our systems pages to learn more about our various offerings, and which systems are best suited for certain applications.