Green Magic: Andela Glass Sand as a Soil Amendment for Thriving Plants


Andela Glass Sand Green Magic

Green Magic

As temperatures rose and the sun beamed down this past summer, a central NY University embarked on an informal soil/tomato study. The mission? To uncover the hidden potential of Andela Glass Sand as a soil amendment for tomato plants. This study pitted a control group, raised in 100% soil, against a test group with soil enriched by 20% Andela Glass Sand. The study, while informal, was designed to compare the growth of tomato plants in two distinct conditions: a control group and a test group.


Andela Glass Sand mixed into soilControl Group: 100% Soil

In the control group, tomato plants were grown in conventional soil without any amendments.


Test Group: 20% Andela Glass Sand Mixed into Soil

In the test group, the soil was enriched with a 20% mixture of Andela Glass Sand.


The outcome?

Tomato Foliage

End of season tomato foliage with 20 percent glass sand in the soil mix

The Andela Glass Sand enriched soil produced tomato plants that were nearly 11 inches taller, visually healthier, and radiating with vibrancy!


Remarkable results!

The tomato plants in the test group, which received the Andela Glass Sand treatment, exhibited a significant difference in height, health, and appearance compared to their control group counterparts.

The Andela Glass Sand Advantage

Andela Products Glass Pulverizing System

Andela Products Glass Pulverizing System

Andela Glass Sand, a recycled material created by Andela Products glass pulverizers from glass waste, has been on the radar of sustainability advocates in the gardening and landscaping industry for its potential applications. Glass sand is known for its beneficial properties, including its ability to retain moisture, enhance drainage, and provide silica, an essential mineral to plants.



Vibrancy: The vibrant colors of the tomatoes and leaves in the test group were noticeably enhanced. This visual vibrancy is a testament to the improved nutrition provided by the glass sand-enriched soil.

Height: The tomato plants in the test group were almost 11 inches taller than those in the control group. This staggering difference showcases the growth-boosting potential of Andela Glass Sand.

Health: The tomato plants in the test group appeared to be visually healthier, with lush green foliage and fewer signs of stress. This healthier appearance can be attributed to the improved moisture retention and “available” silica facilitated by the glass sand.

Weeds: Number of weeds inversely proportional to the percentage of glass sand!


Conclusion: A Sustainable Garden Revolution?

ripe tomatoes of various sizesThe results of the University study indicate that Andela Glass Sand could be a game-changer when it comes to enhancing the growth and vitality of tomato plants.

As the world increasingly looks for sustainable solutions to gardening and agriculture, this study sheds light on an innovative and eco-friendly approach that not only promotes plant growth but also contributes to the reduction of glass waste, making it a win-win for gardeners and the environment. By enriching the soil with this recycled material, gardeners can expect healthier, taller, and more vibrant plants while also participating in the global effort to reduce waste and promote sustainability.