Andela Products’ “Big Blue” Glass Crusher Helps Support #OrcasGlassChallenge

Following the delivery of a new Andela Glass Crusher/Pulverizer (nicknamed “Big Blue”) to Orcas Island, WA, The Exchange is hosting a community challenge to inspire creative ideas and uses for crushed glass.

We previously posted about The Exchange and how they intend to use Big Blue to help recycle and reuse glass throughout the island. Now that the glass crusher is operational, they call on the community to get involved. #OrcasGlassChallenge encourages local artists, makers, innovators, up-cyclists, landscapers, and everyone else to get involved with the new glass recycling initiative. They’re encouraged to visit The Exchange and pick up crushed glass, free of charge, then share photos of their creations.

Who knows what new and creative ways to use crushed glass will be discovered? At Andela, we certainly can’t wait to find out! Stay tuned to our blog as we follow #OrcasGlassChallenge and share some of the featured creations. If you’re eager for inspiration, see our photo gallery, which showcases how some of our customers use crushed glass.

crushed glass yard art


Since the population of Orcas Island is just over 5,000, you’re likely not one of the island’s residents. However, maybe your community would be interested in a similar project! We would be happy to discuss your options to help enable you, your organization, or your community to recycle and reuse glass waste.

If you want to learn more about Andela Products’ glass recycling solutions, please call us at (315) 858-0055.