Landscape Architects, A Circular Solution

Andela Products’ glass sand is assisting landscape architecture firm OLIN Labs, Philadelphia, with their GSI/GBS initiative — “Soilless Soil”!

To develop a glass-based soil (GBS) that supports healthy plant growth and effective stormwater infiltration, the OLIN research team tested a variety of blends using Andela glass sand and compost in the lab and greenhouse.


Diagram of recycling system with Philadelphia skyline

Credit: OLIN

Green storm-water infrastructure (GSI) has many environmental benefits.

Large quantities of sand are a critical component of the soil blends used in GSI. The environmental costs of sand mining are significant, so replacing mined sand with locally sourced recycled material, such as Andela glass sand, makes GSI systems considerably more sustainable.

The most successful GBS blend was recently installed in a bio-retention basin in Fairmont Park. This pilot study will further confirm that glass-based soils perform effectively in a GSI.


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