Makers Mark Distillery

Take a look at this GP-MegaMini installed at a famous distillery in Kentucky. The Andela technology will crush and pulverize ONLY the glass, but leave the lids, caps, corks and in this case “wax” whole.

Why it this important?  Our customer replaced a competitor’s glass crusher that had very high operational costs. It was grinding up the glass through a grate (like zesting lemon or shredding cheese).  Glass is abrasive and the metal grate does not last long.  It also ground up the non-glass so the caps, wax, or residue had be manually removed, or it contaminated the final glass product.

The Andela Glass Recycling Systems will transform your waste glass into no-sharp-edges sand or aggregate for many uses in your community .

It does this all while keeping the non-glass contaminates whole for easy separation.  Contact us today and see how we can help you with complete glass recycling systems and solutions.

Andela GP MM System

Andela Glass Sand

Andela Pulverizer Aggregate

Andela System Separation

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