Recycling Lives + Andela Products Provides Job Skills Training

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Recycling Lives Provides Job Skills Training with the Help of Andela Products’ Glass Pulverizer

There is no better way to combine job skills training and recycling than that developed by the local non-profit organizations Recycling Lives and Laborers of the Harvest (LOTH).

At Andela Products, we have been most impressed with Recycling Lives’ initiative to educate disadvantaged people about sustainability and recycling while simultaneously providing job skills training using Andela Products’ very own glass pulverizer system.

Disadvantaged Populations are Getting A Second Chance at Employment With the Newest Recycling Initiative.

Reentering or acclimating to society with severe disadvantages like a criminal record is difficult when you have no transferable skills, no connections, and no resume to speak of. Yet, this is the reality for many Americans. Even those with the desire to work and contribute to society are often overlooked by potential employers.

Fortunately, organizations such as Kern Alliance for Business, Recycling Lives, and Bakersfield Adult School offer job skills training for underprivileged individuals in order to assist them in transitioning back into society. With a dual focus towards environmental consciousness and job skills training, these agencies have formulated an initiative that teaches people the importance of recycling and trains them on the use of recycling equipment, including the Andela GP1-HD Glass Pulverizer.

The goal, says David Couch is that “these workers can then take their resumes, with these equipment certifications and successful work experience, and find permanent jobs in the local economy.”

The GP-1HD Glass Pulverizer has been used to recycle and repurpose glass waste by participants in the program. After experiencing the unique features of the GP1-HD, program officials expanded their training to include marketing, business development, and office management skills.

Eventually, says Couch, “even landscaping positions could result, along with collection programs to bring glass to the facility. And glass, the hardest of all containers to recycle, can finally have a local market.”

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Andela Products’ Commitment to Sustainability

Communities can benefit greatly from partnerships between local government and non-profits, like that of Recycling Lives and LOTH. As a result of the efforts of our community partners, we know that sustainability has the potential to have a lasting impact on our communities. Going well beyond environmental consciousness, it can have a direct impact on a person’s ability to live and work comfortably on our planet.

In addition to being the first product to turn waste glass back into user-friendly sand, the Andela Glass Pulverizer has also created jobs, training, and certification opportunities for individuals who wish to make a better life for themselves.

This is sustainability at its finest, “a societal goal that broadly aims for humans to safely co-exist on planet Earth over a long time.” Our hope is that these efforts continue to inspire, employ and contribute to a better society.

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