Andela Products Equips St Bart’s to Solve Glass Problem

Saint Barthélemy island
Beautiful St. Barthélemy in the French Caribbean has a population of only a little over 9,000, but receives 200,000 visitors every year. Chances are, nearly every one of those residents and visitors enjoys emptying a beverage in a glass bottle from time to time. What to do with all the glass bottle waste? In July of 2017 La Compagnie Commerciale du Port Franc in St. Barthélemy followed the example of several nearby islands and installed an Andela Pulverizer to transform dirty, bulky and expensive-to-ship glass bottle waste into clean reusable aggregate.

Using the Andela GPT-1HD Glass Pulverizer System, St. Bart’s can now process 3-5 tons per hour of glass bottle waste. The island reuses their crushed glass in the local community. This saves having to barge in raw materials for road construction.

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