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Person recycling a glass bottle into a green container for glass
At Andela Products we are dedicated to reimagining how the world approaches recycling.

In spite of the fact that glass bottles and jars are 100% recyclable, an estimated 28 billion are buried in landfills annually. Even worse, once glass reaches the landfill, it can take between 4,000 and 1 million years to decompose!

So, why are glass recycling programs being suspended across the nation?

Unfortunately, due to the way in which we view recycling today, often relying on a single-stream recycling system, a process that involves placing all recyclable materials in one container and then letting a specialized Material Recovery Facility sort them out, society has started viewing glass as a containment rather than a reusable good.

Rather than address the shortcomings of the recycling program, facility officials have chosen to view glass as an unnecessary good. These facilities argue that glass poses a greater risk when mixed with other recyclables, such as cardboard, paper, and aluminum, thereby eliminating its value. However, this is a limited view. All it takes is technology and a little ingenuity to improve the recycling process and reduce our carbon footprint.

Glass Recycling is made easy with Andela Products

Here at Andela Products, we specialize in pulverizing glass waste and repurposing it for other uses. Cynthia Andela, CEO and owner of Andela Products, notes that similar to single stream recycling “much of the glass that comes in is mixed with a lot of non-glass. It just looks like trash but ninety percent of it by weight is actually glass and only about ten percent of it is paper and plastics and other metals.”

However, instead of relying on a limited sorting system, we put the whole mix right into our pulverizer system and it takes the glass and turns it into smaller particles.

Our goal at Andela Products is to continue to make Glass Pulverizer Systems that can process any amount of glass waste. Our machines come in various sizes and can be set-up in many locations.

If you would like to learn more about our glass recycling solutions, please give us a call at (315) 858-0055.


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