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Are you looking for ways to recycle bottles, waste glass, Material Recovery Facility (MRF) glass, windshields or other waste products, like scrap gypsum board?  We provide the solution to avoid landfill or disposal fees. Andela Products provides global glass recycling systems to process these mixed and hard to recycle materials.  All of our glass recycling systems are built to be hassle-free with minimal maintenance and training required for their safe and simple operation. Every glass recycling system is manufactured in the USA at our Richfield Springs, NY headquarters. Each machine is purposefully designed and constructed to offer superior durability and cost-effectiveness. Systems are integrated to fit into your new or existing operations and facilities, depending upon your specific needs. Stay ahead of the glass recycling curve with Andela Products by contacting us today for a customized system estimate!

Our patented Andela Glass Pulverizer Systems turn glass waste into sand and gravel sized engineered aggregates with smooth, rounded edges. Andela pulverizing technology selectively reduces the glass into a 3/8” minus or 1/8” minus aggregate, while leaving the other materials (metal, plastics, and most paper) in their larger forms. The pulverized glass and residue go into the trommel screen to separate the glass from the larger paper, plastics and metals. By crushing and pulverizing the glass it removes the sharp edges and you’re left with aggregates that are safe and easy to handle. The aggregate’s so smooth; it can even be used in a sandbox!

Each system is customized to your specific application, but they typically include a metering surge hopper, a glass pulverizer, a trommel separator, and conveyors.  We have glass crusher-pulverizer systems that will process 1,000 lbs. per hour for a small community or institution, but we also offer large systems to process 20 Tons per hour of mixed glass.  Scrap gypsum board is selectively reduced through these systems to make fine gypsum separated from the larger paper.


Andela Glass Crusher/Breaker Systems make it convenient to reduce all kinds of glass into a cullet, furnace ready glass.  Well-suited for glass mixed with other non-glass materials, each system contains a surge hopper, crusher, trommel, and conveyors. Our glass crusher/breaker systems are sized to process as much as 5-30 tons per hour, and you can adjust the speed of the impact to suit your needs. Systems custom designed to fit your processing material and needs.

The Andela Breaker/Crusher Systems provides volume reduction of plate glass, whole bottles, product destruction, or mixed container recyclables. The patented flexible impactors selectively crush the glass or other frangible materials, but just pass through the non-glass in their larger form.  This makes for a unique system that can process mixed recyclables and mixed waste to provide size reduction, product liberation, and separation.


If your operation needs to process whole CRT, and TV tubes into separated crushed glass and metal products, our CRT systems are capable of processing up to 600 tubes per hour. The Andela CRT 20’ Crusher Module includes an infeed conveyor, CRT crusher, conveyor, cross-belt magnet, container, and dust collector. The CRT 40’ Pulverizer Module consists of an Andela pulverizer, trommel, and conveyors contained in a secure container.  You may also add loading, unloading, or stacking conveyors to your system for your system design.

If you want to crush separated CRT panel or funnel glass, or pulverizer separated CRT Glass, we offer individual Crusher/Breakers, and pulverizer systems for the separated glass streams.


If being able to recycle and separate windshield glass and the inner-layer plastic pieces (PVB – polyvinyl butyral) is essential to your operation, you can’t go wrong with Andela Windshield Stripper Systems. Our windshield stripper systems are capable of separating 2-4 tons per hour.  The windshield stripper is offered as a stand-alone unit, or as part of a complete glass pulverizer system. Windshields glass, plate glass, and other mixed post-industrial or post-consumer glass can be processed together to make a fine pulverized glass sand and gravel sized product. Each system comes equipped with a windshield stripper, conveyor, and trommel separator and you can add a metering surge hopper and pulverizer for expanded capabilities. 


The waste glass is hiding in the shredded paper with single stream recycling.  To mine this glass out of the urban waste stream, a glass-clean up system is needed to remove the shredded paper and produce a mixed glass product.  After this process, the crushed glass and residue mix can go through an Andela Pulverizer System to make an aggregate or sand, separated from the plastics, metal and paper residue.  It can also go to a glass recycler that will separate colors and remove residue to make furnace ready cullet for bottle or insulation manufactures.

Andela offers a stand-alone Glass Clean-up unit that will separate the paper shred from the heavier glass cullet.  It uses air and density to produce two products; a mixed waste glass cullet and a paper shred.

The Andela Glass Pulverizer system can also be supplied with integrated glass clean-up units to further clean the glass aggregate, crushed glass, the size of ¼” gravel. 

It is possible to process single-stream glass and reduce contaminates for quality engineered aggregates. Say hello to our solution to separate glass from non-glass residual in the single-stream recycling application today! 


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Andela Products is a glass recycling systems manufacturer that has put a great deal of research, not to mention trial-and-error testing, into our global products. Based in Richfield Springs, New York, our company outfits glass recycling systems for businesses and organizations worldwide. Not bad for a company which began in 1981 serving local agricultural and industrial enterprises before expanding our product line. Today, we’ve partnered with several well-respected friends in the glass recycling industry, including Ruby Lake Glass, RecycleNet, and Waste Initiatives, to serve our customers’ needs better. 

If you’re curious about smashing glass into cash, please contact Andela Products today to learn more about our wide array of patented glass recycling systems. You’ll find that, dollar for dollar and pound for pound, our glass recycling systems deliver some of the most economical and efficient systems found in the global marketplace. We’d love to help you maintain your initiatives to reduce your carbon footprint!