Why Consider Andela?

The Andela Glass System diverts tons of glass daily from our nation’s costly and overburdened landfills. You can easily and economically convert waste glass into products of value for re-use right in your own community. Andela Products produces a growing line of rugged, versatile machines to serve special needs that are sold worldwide. Each product is thoughtfully designed and engineered to provide a high capacity to cost ratio and superior durability. Dollar for dollar & pound for pound, the Andela Pulverizer System is the most economical and efficient system on the market today.

Andela Machines are simple to operate with minimal operator intervention, these systems reduce training and supervision requirements which contribute to lower overhead costs. A great deal of research, trial and error, and testing has gone into the roduction of tough wear resistant components. All moving parts are readily accessible for ease of maintenance and replacement. Rubber seals isolate and protect all open-air bearings and a wear resistant liner protects the inside of the machine.

Which Andela System is best for your application?

Refer to the table below. If you have further questions please call us at (315) 858-0055.

Pulverizer System Crusher System Windshield System CRT Recycling System Single Stream Recycling CleanGlass Cleanup System
Type of Glass Processed Glass X X  X  X X X
Ceramics X X X
Windshields X
CRT Tubes  X X X
Other for Product Destruction X
Sized Aggregate Produced 6″ Minus X
2″ Minus X
3/4″ Minus X
3/8″ Minus X X X X
1/4″ Minus X X X X
Market Abrasives X X X
Landscaping X X
Glass Products / Furnace Ready Cullet X
Filtration X X X X X
Fiberglass X X X X
Aggregate X X X X X
Composite Products X X X X X