What does our Windshield Stripper do?


The Andela Windshield Stripper breaks down laminated glass and automobile windshields into two recyclable products: (1) a clean, homogeneous pulverized glass product; and (2) plastic laminate pieces (PVB). The Stripper is unique in its ability to remove virtually all of the glass from the plastic laminate material, and provides a simple, low cost solution to windshield recycling.

Output Sized Glass/PVB

The pulverized windshield glass aggregate produced is 3/8″ or finer. The PVB inner layer is 3/8″ and larger with trace amounts of glass and rubber.


Each Andela Windshield Stripper accepts hand-fed or mechanically-fed broken windshields. The PVB pieces remain large enough to be mechanically size separated.