What do our Windshield Stripper Systems do?


This is an exciting business opportunity that capitalizes on our ability to recycle windshields to recycle the processed windshield glass and the separated PVB layer. This windshield stripper system can also be outfitted for plate glass processing. The windshield stripper system can handle 2 to 4 tons/hr depending on all your system components. The windshield stripper system reduces scrap windshields into two different recyclable products, the glass and the Polyvinyl Butyral (PVB) inner layer. PVB can be marketed as industrial fillers, plastic additive commodity.

Output Sized Glass/PVB

The pulverized windshield glass aggregate produced is 3/8″ or finer. The PVB inner layer is 3/8″ and larger with trace amounts of glass and rubber.


Each system consists of a windshield stripper, conveyor, and trommel separator. A system can also be expanded to include a metering surge hopper and pulverizer. Broken windshields are hand-fed or mechanically-fed into the windshield stripper and conveyed into the pulverizer where the remaining glass particles on the surface of the PVB are removed. The PVB pieces remain large enough to be mechanically size separated from the pulverized glass with the trommel.