What do our Glass Clean Up Systems do?


Single Stream glass is not a problem for the Andela Pulverizer System to mechanically separate waste MRF glass into aggregate sized glass, ferrous metals, aluminum, and a mixed plastics/paper.

Output Sized Glass

The Andela Pulverizer selectively reduces the glass into sand and gravel sized aggregate. The first section of the trommel has a fine screen (3/16″) to remove the fine pulverized glass sand. The second section has a larger screen (7/16″) to remove the gravel sized glass. The paper removal system on the second screen uses a blower to remove the paper shred that may be mixed with the glass as it falls out of the trommel screen. The glass gravel may fall into a bunker or be transferred by conveyor back into the pulverizer for re-grind into finer sand.


The glass clean up system consists of a surge hopper, pulverizer, trommel with a paper blower and conveyors. Each system is designed to the customers’ needs and specifications.