The Andela GPT-1HD Glass Pulverizer recycles waste glass at a rate of 3-5 tons/hour into reusable sand and gravel sized aggregates, separated from trash.

The pulverizer uses patented flexible impactors to selectively reduce waste glass into a glass aggregate without any sharp edges. The glass and waste travels through the pulverizer and into the rotary trommel without any pre-sorting required. Oversized non-glass contaminants such as paper labels, metal caps, corks, etc. remain intact for hands free removal during screening. The integrated screening trommel generates two separated sizes of sand and gravel materials. The result is a safe handling recycled glass product with no sharp edges that can be sold as backfill or decorative landscaping right in your local community!

The wear surfaces are lined with abrasion resistant steel for increased protection and durability. Maintenance doors make replacement of hammer assemblies easier than ever before. Routine replacement of standard wear parts will ensure decades of quality operation and service.

The GPT-1HD can be purchased as a single unit or as part of a full glass pulverizing system. Turnkey packages include the Andela Metering surge hopper, Glass Pulverizer-screening unit, Conveyors and electrical controls. Each system is designed to meet customer specifications and installation supervision, operations and safety training is available upon request.

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The GPT-1HD can also be purchased as a system.

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