The GP-Mega Mini can process 1000 pounds of glass per/hour and accepts all types of glass. You will get a sand and gravel material without sharp edges. Weighing only 2500 pounds, the GP-Mega Mini is compact and mobile. The unit features an integrated trommel which separates the residue (caps, labels, and corks).

The GP-Mega Mini comes outfitted with a flared infeed hopper at the base of the conveyor to accept full cases or buckets of glass material. The frame of the machine is designed to discharge into a 1 yd. tip bin reducing the frequency of having to empty the collection bins during operation. The oversized non glass residue can be collected in a ½ yd tip bin for disposal or further processing. Tip bins/receptacles provided by customer.


  • Quiet operation
  • Simple to use and maintain
  • Shipped complete and ready for operation
  • Reasonably priced
  • Industrial duty design
  • Big machine features with a small machine footprint
  • Single frame construction