What markets exist for Andela Glass?

The first question asked by most people interested in pulverizing recycled glass is; what will I do with it? The second question is; whom can I sell it to? The third and easily the most important question is; who will pay the most money for the recycled glass product I produce? The answers to these questions will depend on your local market. Local markets are virtually unlimited and save on the cost of transportation. The key is to collect, process, and sell locally.

Pulverized Glass Markets

  • Filtration: Choker Grit, Drain Pipe Bedding, Backfill, Drainage Aggregate, Septic Fields, Underdrains, French Drains, Golf Course Green Drainage
  • Aggregate: Backfill/Clean Fill, Embankments, Clean Fill Sand, Hydroponics, Landfill Cover, Oil Spill Cleanup, Road Sand, Solar Heat Storage, Termite Barrier, Utility Bedding and Backfill, Weighted Bags-Construction
  • Glassphault – Paving Application: Aggregate Base Course, Asphalt Base Course-Glassphalt, Asphalt Surface Course-Glassphalt, Parking Lots and Driveways

  With further processing the patented clean glass process there are a number of other value added markets. For more information refer to www.sioneer.com

CleanGlass Product Markets

  • Abrasives (Sand Blasting, Sandpaper): Sand Blasting with glass is beneficial because it has no health complications compared to silica sand.
  • Landscaping (Sand Blasting, Sandpaper): Glass not only adds sparkle and brilliance to your garden but will not lose color overtime and acts as a great non-invasive weed control.
  • Glass Products: Art Glass, Decorative Marbles, Ecoglass, Fiberglass Manufacturing, Flat Glass, Foamglass, Glass Beads, Bottle Manufacturing, Hand Rolled Flat Glass, Industrial Marbles, Jewelry, Opacified Flat Glass, Pressed Glass, Sintered Mosaic Tile, Waste Vitrification
  • Other Glass Composite Products: Aqueduct Liner, Brick/Steel Fluxing Agent, Composite (Plastic-Glass) Wall Panels Flue Gas, Sorbent, Glass-Mica Composite, Glass-Polymer-Composite(GPC) Sewer Pipe, Glass/Sludge Tile, Glasscrete Architectural Surfacing, Industrial Flooring, Plastics Filler, Rockwool Manufacturing, Roof Tiles, Terrazzo, Vibratory-Cast Wall Panels
  • Fiberglass Feedstock