The Andela CRT Recycling System is delivered in its own environmentally enclosed security container. This provides total weather protection, dust containment, minimizes unwanted material contamination and reduces casual operator intervention. The self-contained system is placed on a steel structure to achieve efficient material handling flow of the processed materials. Loading, unloading or stacking conveyors are available options.

System operation is simple and requires minimal training. Once the unit is installed in your facility, CRT’s are placed on the infeed conveyor where they are carried to and deposited in the system infeed opening located on top of one end of the container. The CRT’s enter the Andela CRT Breaker and are reduced and separated into crushed glass and other components by the patented flexible impactor system. This mixed material is moved through a metal separation system where the metal is separated from the glass. Ferrous metals and the crushed glass commodity are separately discharged from the containerized system into your containers or unloading conveyors. The Andela CRT Recycling System comes complete with its own dust collection system and will process approximately 600 CRT tubes an hour.  The CRT-40 Pulverizer Module is designed to accept pre-processed CRT Glass from the CRT-20 Module. This secondary processing module will effectively remove residual contaminants and produce pulverized glass of uniform size.

With electronics recycling becoming such a large issue, we have the answer! We will design, build and install a turnkey system to recycle your CPU’s and large servers, mainframe computers, large and small printers, copy machines, electronic switch gear, communication equipment, CRT monitors, white goods (washers, dryers, appliances), consumer electronics, and more. With just several operators, you can now process all the material that used to require a large workforce. All items are reduced in size and sorted into commodities ready for shipment.