What do our CRT Recycling Systems Do?


This revolutionary system is unique in its ability to process whole CRT, VDT, and TV tubes into separate crushed glass and metal products. The system will process up to 600 tubes per hour. It is delivered in its own environmentally enclosed security container complete with dust collection system. The CRT’s enter the Andela CRT Module container and are reduced and separated into crushed glass and other components by the patented flexible impactor system. This mixed material is moved through a metal separation system where the metal is separated from the glass. Ferrous metals and the crushed glass are separately discharged from the containerized system. The CRT-40 Pulverizer Module is designed to accept pre-processed CRT Glass from the CRT-20 Module. This secondary processing module will effectively remove residual contaminants and produce pulverized glass of uniform size.

Output Sized Glass

From the CRT-20′ the crusher discharges a 6″ minus glass cullet. The larger ferrous metal pieces are separated out. The CRT-40′ pulverizer unit reduces the 6″ minus glass cullet down to 1/4″ minus pulverized glass.


The CRT-20 crusher module system will discharge the processed material from the sides of its 8′ wide x 9′ high x 20′ long container. The self-contained system is placed on a steel structure to achieve efficient material handling flow of the infeed and discharged materials. The Andela CRT Recycling System comes complete with its own dust collection system and will process approximately 600 CRT tubes an hour. The CRT-20′ Crusher Module Includes an infeed conveyor, CRT Crusher, conveyor, and cross-belt magnet, container and dust collector. The CRT-40 Module includes an Andela Pulverizer, trommel, and conveyors all contained in a container. Loading, unloading or stacking conveyors are available options.