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Glass can be recycled over and over, each time retaining its unique properties. Therefore, glass recycling is extremely beneficial to the environment. It’s no wonder that more industries are looking for ways to make glass recycling part of their initiatives to reduce their carbon footprint. Recognizing the need for reliable glass recycling equipment and systems suitable for many applications, Andela Products has emerged as one of today’s global leaders in glass recycling equipment. Our extensive line of glass recycling equipment offers a turnkey solution for many industries. Whether your operation needs specialized equipment capable of turning mixed broken glass into cullet (domestic glass), or you need to break down automotive glass windshields into recyclable products, we’ve got you covered. Please explore our many glass recycling equipment options listed below. We can help customize a successful glass recycling program for you, using the Andela Glass Pulverizer and our other durable equipment! 


The Andela Glass Pulverizer is designed to reduce all kinds of glass into an aggregate the consistency of sand and fine gravel. It’s a flexible impact system that pulverizes the glass but passes other non-frangible materials (plastic, metal, etc.) through the pulverizer in their large form, ejecting them separately from the pulverized glass stream. Our glass pulverizers can be designed to meet and exceed your exact needs. 


Andela Glass Crushers-Breakers turn glass into cullet or they can turn bottles in crushed glass aggregates-sand.  We manufacture small hand fed glass crushers or larger crusher-breakers that are integrated into a system.  Systems contain a surge hopper, glass crusher, trommel screen, and conveyors. The Andela System will crush the glass but leave the non-glass residue in a larger form for easy separation. Andela provides heavy duty, reliable glass recycling equipment.


Andela’s Transfer Conveyors were created to handle highly-abrasive glass products. Featuring self-cleaning tail pulleys with remote access, our conveyors are built to order using industry-standard belt widths that have been fitted for each specification. Covers with port access for dust collection and segmented belly pans with abrasion-resistant material for minimal spillage are available upon request. 


The Andela Metering Surge Hopper comes in many sizes to suit your needs, although many of our customers find that our Model AMSH-86 seems to fit their system well. The AMSH-86 is a 4-cubic yard surge hopper equipped with optional flared sides to accommodate larger loader buckets. 


The Andela Trommel is designed with a rotary screen with heavy-duty stainless-steel woven-wire mesh screens. We offer trommels in three different screen and aggregate sizes with flexibly-mounted drive motors and rotating brushes for continuous screen cleaning. Maintenance won’t be an issue for your new trommel, as they also come equipped with maintenance doors for convenient access to the screens and brushes, as well as a central lubrication manifold.  


The Andela Windshield Stripper helps you break down laminated glass and automobile windshields into two recyclable products (a pulverized glass product and plastic laminate pieces (PVB). When you need glass recycling equipment to recycle automobile windshields, you won’t find a more effective low-cost solution available anywhere on the market. 


The Andela Glass Clean-Up Unitseparatesglass cullet from paper and other contaminants. Itcan be integrated into your existing system or used as additional equipment to help you reach your quality goals in production.Featuring single-frame construction, our glass clean-up units are easy to operate and maintain.We pride ourselves on offering a glass clean-up solution that doesn’trequire anysignificantmodifications to yourexistingsystem, meaning it also won’t break the bank.Our glass clean-up units come with protective guards and wear-resistant liners on all contact surfaces for your safety. 

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Andela Products is a glass recycling equipment manufacturer based in Richfield Springs, New YorkOur company was founded in 1981 as a tool and machine shop servicing local agricultural and industrial businesses. In 1990, we expanded to include the Andela Glass Pulverizer, which was followed quickly by other glass recycling equipment to make us more competitive in the global marketplaceTo this day, we remain on the cutting edge to bring our customers some of the most innovative and desirable glass recycling equipment worldwide. Please contact Andela Products today to see how we can help you resolve your unique glass recycling issues with our state-of-the-art equipment and customized systems!