In 1981 Andela Products was started as a tool and machine shop to provide tooling and fabrication services to the local area agricultural and industrial businesses. Over time Andela Products developed the capabilities to include the design and manufacture of special purpose machines, tooling and gauge work.
In 1990 Andela Products expanded the business to include products designed, manufactured, and marketed directly to the recycling industry. The Andela Glass Pulverizer was the first product designed for the glass recycling industry. This was followed by a wide range of equipment and systems for the glass and other recycling markets.
In 2006 Andela Products was officially recognized as a (WOBE) Woman Owned Business Enterprise with Cynthia Andela as acting President who still to date continues to oversee the everyday business. In turn, this opportunity gave Andela Products the ability to expand into a glass processing facility which pulverizes, sanitizes, and screens post consumer waste glass. The resulting CleanGlass products are bagged and sold as blast abrasives and decorative landscaping materials. SiONEER is the technology provider for the patented CleanGlass recycling systems and is providing customer designed, engineered, and installed turnkey facilities to perfect the concept of turning glass waste into value added commodities which can then be sold either wholesale or retail.
In response to customer demand, Andela Products has assembled a team to provide turnkey systems to your specifications which can be designed, built and installed by Andela Products. Their team of professionals has many years of experience and will work with you to ensure your system will provide many years of useful service.
Over the years Andela Products progressed from a small tool and machine shop to a multi-million dollar business with the ability to handle everything from mixed broken glass to windshields.
Today, Andela Products produces a growing line of rugged, versatile machines that are sold worldwide to serve the special needs of the glass recycling industry. Each product is thoughtfully designed and engineered to provide a high capacity to cost ratio and superior durability.
Andela Products is committed to staying on the cutting edge of innovation in order to continue to bring its customers the best technology available to solve their glass recycling issues as the industry continues to evolve and expand.

Welcome. We are pleased to have you with us, and hope you will find your interactions with Andela interesting and rewarding.