Glass to Sand Recycling Machine for Growing Glass Recycling Initiative!

Glass Pulverizer conveyor

Bricolage Dynamics of Greenville, South Carolina, is a company determined to make a difference in their community. Zeb Parsons, founder of Bricolage Dynamics, believes every household counts. To that end, he is placing the power of recycling back into the hands of the people, ensuring a greener and more sustainable future for all. Why Andela…

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Landscape Architects, A Circular Solution

Diagram of recycling system with Philadelphia skyline

Andela Products’ glass sand is assisting landscape architecture firm OLIN Labs, Philadelphia, with their GSI/GBS initiative — “Soilless Soil”! To develop a glass-based soil (GBS) that supports healthy plant growth and effective stormwater infiltration, the OLIN research team tested a variety of blends using Andela glass sand and compost in the lab and greenhouse.   Green…

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Recycling Lives + Andela Products Provides Job Skills Training

A businessman designing a sign for recycling awareness

Recycling Lives Provides Job Skills Training with the Help of Andela Products’ Glass Pulverizer There is no better way to combine job skills training and recycling than that developed by the local non-profit organizations Recycling Lives and Laborers of the Harvest (LOTH). At Andela Products, we have been most impressed with Recycling Lives’ initiative to…

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New Glass Crusher for Orcas Island

Andela GP-1HD Pulverizer and Surge Hopper

While recycling is already a large endeavor, it gets even more complex on islands. Island infrastructure is generally much different compared to the mainland. Landfill space on an island is limited. If a waste product can be recycled and used on the island it saves landfill space and reduces the cost of logistics. One island…

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