The Andela Glass Pulverizer System is an inexpensive system that turns large volumes of glass into “sand” and “gravel” with no sharp edges. Our complete turn-key system includes the Andela Metering Surge Hopper, Andela Glass Pulverizer and Andela Trommel Separator with a Pulverizer Infeed Conveyor and Trommel Infeed Conveyor.

The Andela Glass Pulverizer System is unique in its ability to pulverize ALL types of glass, from containers to ceramics, with no need to sort colors, remove labels, plastic or metal caps. Our system also produces a distinctly different product: a rounded glass particle, less than 3/8″ in size, which is easy to handle — not sharp . Why you should consider an “ANDELA PULVERIZER SYSTEM” at your installation: * It will easily and economically convert waste glass into products of value for re-use right in your own community. Pulverized glass is being used for a number of new products: aggregate substitute for gravel and sand, glassphalt, turf and soil amendment, decorative landscaping, water filtration media and more. * Our equipment is engineered for long life and easy maintenance. * Dollar-for-dollar and pound-for-pound of material process, the Andela Pulverizer System is the most effective and efficient system on the market.

We also offer the Andela Glass Breaker-Crusher for superior volume reduction of color sorted glass for shipment to glass manufacturers or as the key element in a system used for product destruction such as out of date canned or bottled goods.

The Andela Glass Recycling Systems can be tailored to your situation. If you would like additional information, please give us a call. We can assist with technical advice and solutions for your specific operational requirements.


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