Simple in design but great in the variety and complexity of its application.
Simple to understand:
1) Feed the material in the top.
2) Break the material with flexible impactors spinning on one horizontal shaft.
3) Collect the material as it falls out the bottom.
1) Break glass. Feed the Crusher all types and sizes of glass. Adjust the speed and rotation of the
shaft to produce a range of glass cullet from 2” minus material with a minimum of fines
to 2” minus glass aggregate.
2) Break glass mixed with plastic. Feed the Crusher a diet of plastic mixed with glass. The glass
comes out 2” minus aggregate and the plastics come out in a battered but whole, recognizable form.
Separation with the Andela Trommel is now the easy next step and look… ”NO HANDS” and you have a
commingled plastic and glass separation system.
3) Another “NO HANDS” commingled separation idea. Put the commingled glass, plastic and tin
into the Andela Surge Hopper. Use a magnet to take out the metal and let all the glass and plastic
residual go through the Andela Crusher and Trommel. No one needs to touch the glass for separation of
ferrous, plastic and glass.
4) Break glass mixed with paper. Feed paper with glass into the breaker and the glass comes out
5/8” minus with the fluffy paper larger in size. Optional Trommel separation gives you a clean supply of
paper without glass contamination.
5) Product destruction. Outdated bottled or canned goods, outdated medical supplies, electrical
components and just about anything else you can think of will get battered and broken so they cannot
be used or sold as a usable product.
What makes this special? The Andela Crusher has the flexible impactors! The impactors will disintegrate
the glass and other frangible products into a fine aggregate but leave the rest of the mix large. No other
mill has this flexibility!