Our Friends and Partners in the Glass Recycling Industry


RecycleNet offers a variety of services related to secondary commodities and the recycling industry. Their focus is on operating 3 main programs: The Recycler's Exchange, a Buy/Sell/Trade matching service for scrap, waste or by-products;, a scrap commodity price information service; ROCs an innovative program designed to promote recycling with Recycling Offset Credits.

Waste Initiatives

Waste Initiatives is an Australian owned and operated company bringing to its clientele over 30 years of successful history in supplying waste and recycling solutions across the breadth of Oceania. Their versatile waste and recycling equipment is in everyday use by clients throughout all states and territories of Australia. Waste Intiatives is a primary distributor of Andela Products throughout Australia.

Clean Washington Center

The Clean Washington Center has focused on increasing markets and uses of recyclable commodities, by manufacturers and end users, thereby promoting economic development and increased diversion of recyclables.

Over ninety publications are available on this website, that may help recyclers, reclaimers, manufacturers and service providers develop new recycled content products and markets. CWC's technical publications include recycling best practices for glass, wood, rubber, and plastics, along with project reports covering processing and manufacturing issues, product performance, and strategies for overcoming business and regulatory barriers to recycling.

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