The Andela Metering Surge Hopper comes in several sizes to suit your needs, from 2 cubic yards and up. Most of our customers find that our Model AMSH-86 fits their system well. The AMSH-86 is a 4 cubic yard hopper, and can have optional flare sides added for more capacity and to accommodate larger loader buckets. The Andela Metering Surge Hoppers come with either a reciprocating plate feeder or a vibratory plate feeder.

The manufacturer reserves the right to change designs and specifications without notice (10-28-11).


Capacity 3 cubic yds.
Capacity with Optional Flared Extensions 6 cubic yds.
Overall Length / with Flared Extensions 105″/125″
Overall Width / with Flared Extensions 81″/101″
Overall Height / with Flared Extensions 85″/111″
Infeed Loading Dimension / with Flared Extensions 8’x 6’/10′ x 8′
Discharge Opening 12″ Wide x Adjustable Height
Discharge Height 41″

Drive Componentry

Motor Size (1) 1.5 hp
Direct Drive System Totally Enclosed Gear Reducer Reciprocating Plate with Eccentric Drive


Motor Voltage 230/460 VAC, 60 HZ, 3 Phase (or to customer specifications)
Controls Push Button Start/Stop


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