Andela Products Windshield Stripper (1-5 tons per hour throughput/capacity)

The manufacturer reserves the right to change designs and specifications without notice (06-29-12).


Overall Length 92"
Overall Width 74"
Overall Height Adjustable
Input Opening (Windshield widths) Up to 47"
Shipping Weight Approx. 4500 lbs.

Drive Componentry

Motor Size (1) 20 hp
Solid Steel Shaft Diameter 3"
Number of Hammers 28
Hammer Type Flailing Arm/ Hardened Steel
Compression Feed Rollers (2) 11" Diameter
Feed Drive Motors (2) 1-1/2 HP

Safety Features

Protective Guards Cover Input Drive Unit and Bearings


Motor Voltage 230 V, 60 HZ, Single Phase Or to Customer Specs

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