GP-Mega Mini

Andela Glass Pulverizer (0.5 ton per hour throughput/capacity)

The manufacturer reserves the right to change designs and specifications without notice (10-28-11).


Overall Length 50" / 14' with conveyor
Overall Width 97"
Overall Height 125"
Shipping Weight Machine Approx. 2,500 lbs.
Shipping Weight Conveyor Approx. 1,300 lbs.


Machine Input Opening 12" x 12"
Barrel Diameter and Length 16" x 34"
Barrel Liner Abrasion Resistant Steel
Motor Size 5 hp
Solid Steel Shaft Diameter 2"
Numbers of Hammers 28
Hammer Type Flailing Arm/Hardened Steel
Bearing Size 2"
Seal Protection 2 Seals At Each Shaft Bearing


Screen 14" OD x 2' long
Screen Barrel Diameter and Length 14 in x 3 ft
Screen Type 7/16" Opening (or customer spec.) Stainless Steel Woven Wire
Motor Size 1/2 hp


Motor 1 hp
8" self cleaning tail pulley and cleated rubber belt

Safety Features

Protective Guards Cover Input Hopper, Drive Unit, and Bearings


Motor Voltage 460V, 60Hz 3 Phase
Controls Push Button Start/Stop

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