Andela Glass Crusher (3 tons per hour throughput/capacity)

The manufacturer reserves the right to change designs and specifications without notice (10-25-11).


Height 110"
Length 126"
Width 55 1/2"
Loading Height 49"
Approximate Weight 2,000 lbs.
Hopper Size 1/3 cubic yards
Hopper Max. Width 55 1/2"
Capacity up to 8,000 lbs./hour

Drive Componentry

Crusher Motor 2 hp
Conveyor Motor 1 hp
Conveyor Belt 14" wide belt with 3" cleats and stainless steel lacing
Discharge height (for large collection bins) 55"
Crushing Mechanism Flexible Impact Hammers
Liners Heavy Duty 1/4" Steel Construction with Replaceable Abrasion Resistant Steel Liners
Casters 6" Industrial Steel Casters Mounted on Rigid Base Frame for Mobility

Electrical Safety Features

Motor Voltage 230/480 volt, 3 phase
Electrical Components UL Listed
Outdoor Enclosure NEMA-3R
Manual Start Switches with Thermal Overload Protection
Individual motor Overloard/Short Circuit Protection
Safety Interlocks on Crusher Access Door


208, 380, 415, or 575 volt, three phase or 220 single phase
Custom conveyors, hoppers, and discharge heights

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