Andela Glass Crusher (5 tons per hour throughput/capacity)

The manufacturer reserves the right to change designs and specifications without notice (10-28-11).


Overall Length 51"
Overall Width 79"
Overall Height Variable
Hopper Input Opening 36" X 24"
Frame Construction Welded Steel with 1/4" to 3/4" Thick Abrasion Resistant Replaceable Bolt in Steel Liner Plates
Heavy Duty Frame with Vibration Isolation (6) Mechanical Spring Isolators

Drive Componentry

Motor Size (1) 7.5 hp
Solid Steel Shaft Diameter 2-1/2"
Number of Hammers 20
Hammer Type Heavy Duty Flailing Arm of Through Hardened Steel
Bearing Size 2-1/2"

Safety and Maintenance Features

Protective Guards Cover Input Drive Unit and Bearings
Access Door Removable Panels for Hammer and Liner Maintenance


Motor Voltage 230/460 VAC, 60 HZ, 3 Phase (or to customer specifications)

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