Andela CRT Systems

20' Crusher Module

The Andela CRT Recycling System is revolutionary in its ability to process whole CRT, VDT and TV Tubes into separate glass and metal products!

How It's Done

  • Prepare the CRT for processing by removing the Plastic Case, Metal CHassis, Yoke, IC Boards, Electronic Gun and Metal Strap.
  • Ready to process, the CRT is a whole glass tube with a metal frame and screen inside the tube.
  • CRT Tubes are loaded into the Andela CRT Recycling System and broken down into a glass product separated from the metal components.
  • The system will process one tube every three to five seconds.


  • The Andela CRT Recycling System is a self contained unit that protects the operators and the environment.
  • The Andela CRT Recycling System is complete with its own dust collection system.
  • An optional loading conveyor brings the CRTs ready for processing into the system and optional unloading or stacking conveyors remove the metal and processed glass.

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