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Benefits of using SunBlast Glass Blasting Abrasives:

  • SunBlast Brand Abrasive goes further than its competitors because it has a lower density than some other abrasives, a greater volume per weight is produced, thus increasing productivity. Additionally, SunBlast's glass particles are angular to sub-angular in geometry and cut extremely well in each grit classification.
  • SunBlast produces less dust and does not leave a black or oily residue. It gives better visibility of target area, resulting in a more economical use of product and realizing a time savings by not going over an area, already blasted.
  • SunBlast Brand Abrasives are safer to use, being more lung and earth friendly than either Coal Slag or Silica Sand. SunBlast� is made of Glass, and glass contains essentially no "free-silica", which greatly reduces the threat of silicosis.
  • SunBlast contains NO heavy metals, is inert environmentally, and the right answer where impact to the environment might be an issue.
  • SunBlast Brand Abrasives are made entirely from recycled post consumer glass and by using them you help keep America "Green" by reducing landfill deposits.
  • SunBlast can be reused a number of times allowing the consumer added value and economy.

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